A General Guide to Online Casinos

When playing at an online casino there are many factors to consider which will count towards your overall experience. Here at CasinosGlobe.com we take out the hardest part of the equation and give you all the necessary information to make your online experience a great one. You no longer need to search all over the internet for answers because if it concerns online casinos then you’ll find it all here under one roof.

In this section we take a look at the more general options available to you at an online casino. Even though they may seem non-essential, these points are just as important when considering an appropriate online casino to play at as much as how big a welcome bonus you get and what types of concessions are offered to you. Take your time to familiarise yourself with these options so you can come to an informed decision when making your choice of which online casino to play at.

Online Casino Software

Different online casinos offer different software and different software providers code different types of games so where do we start? Well it all depends on what types of games you like to play and also what platform or devices you want to play them on. Do you like online slots? Or maybe video poker, roulette or even blackjack is more your thing. Whatever your favourite games are, there are software providers out there that make some of the best variants of all types of online casino games for you to enjoy. Some operators offer games made by developers that are coded in HTML 5 which means they will run across different platforms so on desktop, smartphone and tablet devices. Some games are coded in Flash so it means they will run from your browser and on android mobile operating systems but not in Apples mobile iOS as it doesn’t support flash in its mobile browser Safari.

Sometimes an online casino will offer software downloads straight to your desktop machine. These usually contain the entire online casino suite and allow you to log in to the online casinos servers via the software to play whichever games you like to play. For the most part the graphics and overall quality of the games are better in the download version but it doesn’t affect things like bonuses or payout percentages and it won’t affect your overall experience of the game itself. The main advantage between downloads and instant play software is the fact that you’re able to play straight away with on-site flash or HTML5 games whereas with an online casino suite download you must first wait for the software to download and install on your computer before you can start playing.

Mobile casino gaming has become big business and if industry forecasts prove to be correct, it will continue to grow to a huge extent over the next 5 years, overtaking desktop gaming as a primary source of online casino gaming. With this said, some of the more forward thinking software developers have already started pushing the boundaries of mobile casino software with some even offering only mobile slot games exclusively. Net Entertainment for example release all their new online video slots coded in HTML 5 and have a very popular proprietary mobile delivery system called NetEnt Touch™.

Take a look at our guide to online casino software developers to see which have the right games for you. All the software developers in our guide offer great games and some even offer huge progressive jackpots for you to try and win.

Online Casino Banking Options

One of the first things you will do once you’ve selected the right online casino to play at is to create a personal account with them. From here you get to choose a unique username and password in order to login to the casinos online network and play all of its games. As part of playing at an online casino, you are required to deposit funds into your online casino account to use when you’re playing all the wonderful and exciting games they offer. There are many excellent banking options at your disposal to deposit into your online casino account but not every online casino uses all of them. Instead what you tend to find is that they will use a few mainstream banking methods like Visa or MasterCard plus some other types which are popular depending on the types of players that play at the casino. This is simply because not all the same payment methods are available worldwide; some of them might be local to a country or region for example.

Alongside more traditional methods of depositing such as credit and debit cards or even bank transfer, there is a relatively new form of payment that has become increasingly popular among online casino players and they are known e-Wallets. E-Wallets allow you to charge your e-account with funds from your main bank accounts for use in the same way as you would use a normal bank account. You can shop online with them safe in the knowledge that you can pay for goods and services via websites without them having your actual bank details. One of the most famous examples of an E-Wallet is PayPal for example. Some E-Wallet providers even offer Visa cards and MasterCard’s which can be used in the traditional sense in a normal high street shop to buy goods and services. They operate in the same way and use the funds that you’ve preloaded directly from your online E-Wallet account to pay the merchant.

Some of these banking methods can be used to withdraw from your online casino accounts also. The time it takes to process withdrawals greatly depends on which method you’re using to withdraw your winnings. It can range from 3 days to 15 days to make a successful withdrawal from an online casino and the timescale just depends on your particular banking method. Sometimes this can be longer if we include the verification or review process in that timescale but this information will always be available to you from your online casinos banking section. Some online casinos also prefer that you make your withdrawals using the same banking option you used to deposit in the first instance.

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