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For years, casino players have continued to move to online establishments. This comes as no surprise, since they have one key advantage, bonuses. The fact is that there is no land based casino which offers extra cash in exchange for a deposit. That however, happens to be a quite common practice with the options we have provided. Are you ready to increase your bankroll significantly? If you are then here are some common types of casino bonuses you should take a look at.

Non deposit Bonus

Non deposit bonuses make it possible for you to play free. Its name says it all – non deposit. The casino gives you with the cash bonus instantly after registration so that you can try real games. These bonuses provide you with the opportunity to win real money, however they are rarely ever really huge sums reaching only a few hundred dollars at the most.

While playing as a registered player at casinos, you will also be able to obtain other types of bonuses which will not require any deposits from you either such as:

  • Referral Bonuses
  • Anniversary Bonuses
  • Game Launch Bonuses

Free time Bonus

We happen to be particularly fond of these bonuses due to the fact that they are often quite substantial, we’re talking about €1000 per bonus where no deposits are required. They are issued and then constrain you to engage in a fast-paced game because you only have an hour (or a period determined in advance) to meet their conditions. In a nutshell, you get to play in real mode, and will be able to win cash. This sum equates to 16146 ZAR, so for those in South Africa with a taste for riches, head over to and learn more about the market you're in.

Monthly Bonus

The monthly bonus is a reward which you are eligible for if you are a regular player. In other words, you get to receive a bonus from the casino at which you are registered every month based on the total sum of deposits you have made during the previous month. As a result, the more deposits you make, the higher your bonus will be. These deposits are an important motivating factor in players

remaining faithful to online casinos.

High Roller Bonus

High Roller bonuses are huge promotions aimed at players who make large deposits through an online casino. They provide players with the opportunity to obtain a massive increase in their bankroll to the tune of thousands of dollars. That in itself is sufficient reason for casino clients to play much longer and increase the maximum amount of bets placed to ensure a significant increase in winnings.

Bonuses for different types of games

Online casinos provide clients with access to an array of games such as video poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, slot machines and several others. Because these games are all different from each other, establishments adapt their offers and make it possible for different promotions to be enabled depending on the game the player is interested in. It is for this reason that custom bonuses have been provided and clients can also consult the list of games with can be used with the bonus to avoid any errors.

Bonuses for different software providers

Each casino makes use of the services of one or more software provider. An interesting as far as casino bonuses are concerned is that it is possible for players to enjoy those created by software providers. They even turn out to be quite attractive on occasion.

Experience the games before you join the casinos.

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